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NunaPets® ComfortCare Pillow

NunaPets® ComfortCare Pillow

NunaPets® ComfortCare Pillow

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Specially designed for aging and recovering cats

Our ComfortCare Pillow is specially designed for pets in need of extra care—whether they're aging, recovering from surgery, or managing conditions like CKD and arthritis. With its ultra-soft material, the ComfortCare Pillow provides a cozy spot for your pet to rest and recuperate.

Reduces physical and emotional pain

We understand how tough it can be, watching your furry friend go through a rough time, whether they're recovering from an injury or just feeling the weight of their years. You want to do everything in your power to make them comfortable and ease their pain. That's exactly why this pillow, with its unique U-shaped design, is a game-changer for you and your cat.

This special pillow cradles their neck and joints, offering the kind of support they need but can't tell you about. And because we know how important your cat's health is to you, we've made sure it's crafted from anti-bacterial materials, reducing the risk of any unwanted germs and ensuring the best recovery environment possible.

Stress and anxiety relief

Our ComfortCare Pillow helps take away stress and anxiety. It's like a cozy hug for your pet, making them feel calm and happy. When they snuggle up with it, it's as if all the scary things just fade away. This pillow is made to help your furry friend feel safe and relaxed, turning nap time into a peaceful, worry-free moment. It's perfect for cats who get nervous easily or just need a little extra comfort to feel at ease.


"Post-surgery, this pillow was a game-changer for my cat! It offered comfort & support, speeding up recovery. Truly a must-have for pet owners!"


"Amazing pillow! Helped my cat recover swiftly from surgery with its soft, supportive design. A true comfort for healing pets."


"Anxiety relief miracle! This pillow calmed my anxious cat, providing a safe, cozy spot. Noticeable difference in her stress levels."


"My cats absolutely love this CAT pillow. i have had mine since June 2023 and they still look brand new. my cat sleeps with these all the time"


"My cat Julien likes to rest against this pillow. It has a calming effect on him . It’s soft and washable. A good nap companion!"


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