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NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush


NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush

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Gentle and Effective Grooming for Your Feline Friend!

The NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush revolutionizes pet grooming with its gentle yet deep-cleaning steam technology, surpassing traditional methods in both efficacy and comfort for your cat. This innovative brush not only ensures a thorough cleanse but also effectively eliminates 98.99% of germs and bacteria, promoting optimal health and hygiene for your feline friend.

No Shampoo, Just Pure Clean

Our steam technology cleans your cat’s fur and skin without the need for harsh chemicals or shampoos, making it safe and comfortable for even the most sensitive cats.

Save Money, Groom at Home

Forget costly trips to the grooming salon. NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush is a one-time investment that saves you money in the long run, allowing you to groom your cat professionally at home.

Suitable for all hair types

Whether your cat has long, short or medium-length hair, our NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush is suitable for everyone.

Nurturing Care for Their Coat and Skin

Watch your cat's coat become more lustrous and skin healthier as you use our steam brush, knowing you’re contributing to their well-being with every grooming session.

How To Use 

Simply charge the NunaPets® Steamy Cat Brush with the provided USB cable, fill it with water and optional cleanser, and it's ready to gently groom and cleanse your cat's fur.


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