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PIK-A-POO™ Pooper Scooper

PIK-A-POO™ Pooper Scooper

PIK-A-POO™ Pooper Scooper

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Become free of that familiar sensation between your fingers with the number one product designed to ease your pain! 
Have you been using the old hand-in-the-bag technique? Are you tired of having to pick up that nasty doodoo with your bare hands? 
Well... We were too... 

The overwhelming smell of poop is everyone’s favorite part of taking their dog for a walk. Just kidding, it’s not. 
And you never have to go through that again. The PIK-A-POO and its scented bags aim to relieve you of that unavoidable smell.
Use it on any surface and watch it instantly turn into your best friend. Today, your dog parenting life can become easier than ever.

PIK-A-POO can be hooked on a leash. You won't have to carry it. 


PIK-A-POO has an integrated waste bag compartment. No more forgetting or having to carry bags.


The backside expands in size, so you can scoop it all in one go!


Quickly and hygienically remove dog poo from any surface without having to come in contact with the poo.




The Medium size will be great for most breeds. We recommend the large for dogs greater than 70lbs or hefty poopers.

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